A Sentinel’s Guide to Dominating Valorant

Valorant’s Sentinel Agents are like the protectors on a battlefield. They have great skills in strengthening positions, obstructing enemy sight, and maintaining control of sites. Becoming an expert at using a Sentinel Valorant agent demands clever planning, knowledge about maps, and an insight into the ways your abilities can assist your team.

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Choosing Your Sentinel Valorant

Valorant offers several Sentinel Valorant agents, each with unique strengths:

  • Cypher (Information Gathering): A master of intel, Cypher utilizes Spy Cameras and Cyber Cages to track enemy movements and restrict their flow.
  • Killjoy (Area Denial): Valorant Killjoy deploys Nanoswarms and Alarmbots to lock down areas, while her Lockdown ultimate creates an impenetrable zone.
  • Sage (Healing and Support): Valorant Sage’s healing abilities and Barrier Orb allow her to sustain teammates and hold key positions.
  • Viper (Zone Control): Viper utilizes toxic smoke and corrosive chemicals to restrict enemy movement and control large areas of the map.
  • Brimstone (Smoke and Control): Brimstone lays down smokes and incendiary grenades to control sightlines and deny enemy pushes.

Consider your playstyle and team composition when choosing a Sentinel Valorant. If your team lacks intel gathering, Cypher could be a great choice. If you prefer a lockdown playstyle, Killjoy or Viper might suit you better.

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Sentinel Valorant Strategies

  • Site Anchoring: Valorant Sentinels excel at anchoring a bombsite. Use your abilities to block off key chokepoints and hold angles where enemies are likely to push. Communicate with your team to call out enemy rotations and rotations needed from your side.
  • Map Control and Rotations: While anchoring is important, you also need to support your team with map control. Utilize your abilities to temporarily hold flanks or assist teammates taking fights elsewhere. Remember to rotate quickly when necessary.
  • Vision Denial and Information Gathering: Valorant Sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy play a crucial role in denying enemy vision and gathering intel. Use your abilities strategically to limit enemy knowledge of your team’s movement and positioning.
  • Spike Defense and Post-Plant: Sentinels are instrumental in defending the Spike. Use your abilities to block enemy defuses or force them to use utility to clear the area. After the Spike is planted, use your abilities to hold off enemy entry attempts and buy your team time for a retake.

General Tips for Sentinel Valorant

  • Learn Smoke Placement: Mastering smoke placement is crucial for all Valorant Utilize custom matches or the Practice Range to experiment and find effective smoke deployments on different maps.
  • Coordinate with Your Team: Effective Sentinel Valorant play requires strong communication. Inform your team about enemy locations and abilities you’ve used. Coordinate smoke placements and rotations with teammates.
  • Utilize Utility Wisely: Valorant Sentinels have limited uses for their abilities. Don’t waste them on impulse throws. Use them strategically to secure key areas or counter enemy pushes.
  • Adapt to the Situation: Be flexible with your play style. Sometimes, aggressive plays to deny enemy plants or retake sites might be necessary.


Being a Sentinel Valorant is more than just holding a corner. It’s about strategically utilizing your abilities to support your team and control the battlefield. By mastering map knowledge, communication, and skillful ability usage, you can become a true guardian for your team, leading them to victory.

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