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Tennis Betting is one of the popular games in the online betting market today. Every day the New88 game portal receives millions of visits from rookies, as well as long-time players. Next, we will introduce to players some detailed information about this subject.
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What is Tennis betting?

Tennis betting, also known as tennis, is a sport that is regulated by 2 – 4 participants. With this format, competition is in the form of men’s doubles, women’s doubles or men’s singles, women’s singles. The gameplay is not too difficult, but the course of the match is unpredictable. This is also the reason why it attracts players who love all types of gamesNew88 sports betting Attractive and dramatic. Before placing a bet, you should also learn more about how to bet on Tennis.

Types of Tennis bets are available at the New88 game hall

Currently, you only need a smart electronic device with an internet connection to be able to monitor and bet on matches taking place on New88. How many popular forms of Tennis betting does the game portal currently have? We will update the list of bet types for players to refer to.

Even – odd odds

This is a relatively popular type of bet on New88. Accordingly, players need to predict whether the total number of the match is even or odd. The winning rate of this bet is very high, new players should choose this form to easily win prizes.


Handicap means Spread Game, with this format the stronger player will handicap a game for the opponent. And only takes effect when the match ends without affecting the first rule. Players should also choose the appropriate betting odds to avoid emptying their pockets.

Open odds

Tennis betting on open odds is a very simple form, easy to apply for beginners. You will have to predict the results to see which player, or team, will win the final match.

Over/under odds

For any type of bet, the house will offer what rate for players to compare. The bettor will judge the total number of games played by the players. Then just make a prediction that the total will be larger or smaller than the rate previously given by New88.

Bet on the player winning the first game

This form is also a very attractive bet, and challenges the player’s adventurousness. Players bet on which player or team will win the first game. If anyone has stable finances, then try this bet right away.
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New88 Tennis betting rules

Any type of betting has its own rules. From there, creating a green, fair playing field for everyone. Some basic rules of Tennis betting are as follows:

  • Each match is divided into 3 – 5 sets, including 2 teams competing against each other. These 2 teams have a total number of players of 2 – 4 members.
  • In the case of a 3-set match, the team that wins the first 2 sets will win. As for the first 5 sets, the team that wins 3 sets will come first.
  • In each set there are 6 games, the team that wins 6 games against their opponent wins that match.
  • If the competition location is changed, bets will be canceled by the bookmaker.
  • If the tennis player that the player bets on is stripped of the right to compete, the game portal will refund the money.
  • When a match starts before the announced schedule, bets placed before that match are still considered valid.

Extremely accurate tennis betting tips

If players want to win a lot of money from Tennis betting. Must know extremely effective playing tips used by many gamers. All experiences are summarized by the house as follows:

Understand the odds

This is the first factor that creates victory in the match. Especially new players need to pay attention and understand each specific odds. You must know how to read the odds, grasp the meaning of the parameters, and the formula for calculating winnings and losses. To avoid making mistakes, avoid losing money unjustly.

Monitor the performance of tennis players

Performance is one of the factors that determine the win or loss of any type of game. So you need to find out how the players performed in previous matches. From there, you can confidently bet on the team with the best performance.

Stable psychology when betting

To be able to make accurate judgments and accurately determine the match results. Players should stay mentally alert and calm. Otherwise, it will be easy to choose the wrong door, leading to loss of capital.

Know how to spend capital appropriately

If you want to bet on Tennis effectively, you should come up with a plan to use your capital properly. According to the experience of the elders, you should divide the amount of money and bet on many different bets. Absolutely do not go all in for just one match, because the risk is very high.


Above is all the content about Tennis betting atNew88. I hope you have many happy experiences with this subject. Hope every player can bring a lot of money into their pockets.

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